Lighthouse Title Agency Services

On any given day, this is what we’re busy doing:

  • Obtaining estoppels from HOAs

  • Ordering and reviewing of boundary surveys

  • Clearing objections to title

  • Preparing and executing legal documents such as deeds, mortgages, and affidavits

  • Collecting transfer taxes and recording fees

  • Holding good faith deposits

  • Disbursing funds to interested parties in each transaction

  • Recording legal documents in public records

  • Digital archiving all closing documents

  • Reporting sales transactions to the IRS

  • Issuing title insurance policies to lenders and owners

Title Agency Services for Buyers and Sellers

Lighthouse Title works proactively to make your deal go as smooth as possible.Whatever your unique situation requires, we get it done.

For Buyers

We ensure that all back taxes, dues, municipal liens, code enforcement, and nuisance liens are paid in full. We handle all of these items, as needed, for your transaction so you can rest assured you own the new property free and clear.

As the buyer, we will issue you an owner’s title insurance policy. This covers you against claims arising from prior owners, judgements and liens against the seller or prior owner, and possible unknown heirs and devisees.

For Sellers

As the seller, we make sure that you receive everything due to you under your contract with the buyer. The deed will not be recorded in the public records until you receive your funds, your mortgage is paid off, and everyone due funds at closing is paid. Once you leave the closing table, you can rest assured you have no further obligations related to your property.

Since the seller purchases the owner’s policy in most transactions, you can expedite the closing process by choosing Lighthouse as your title company. Our licensed agents understand how to resolve complex title issues and we are approved by area lenders. The closing team at Lighthouse is committed to exceptional service and will work proactively to push your closing forward.

Title Agency Services for Real Estate Professionals

Lighthouse Title provides title commitments within 48 to 72 hours of your request.

For Brokers

We are compliant with ALTA Best Practices and have implemented the data security procedures and technology required for TILA-RESPA Integrated Mortgage Disclosure Rule. Over the past two years we have rolled out new security measures and completed extensive education required to encrypt our data and keep it secure.

For Realtors

Our experienced closing team understands the nature of the real estate industry and we promise to stay on top of your transaction and keep you informed of potential issues before they become problems. Whether you represent the buyer or seller, we will go above and beyond to close every deal.


Once your purchase contract is signed, there are five steps in the closing process.

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How much does title insurance cost?

Premiums are calculated based on the type of transaction (purchase or refinance) and the specific terms of the sale. 

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